Hypnotherapist in sexual assault trial tells court ‘I am a healer not a feeler’

A HYPNOTHERAPIST told a court he was a ‘heeler not a feeler’ as he denied sexually assaulting an audience member at one of his shows.


Yorkshireman Steven Vallo dismissed claims he had taken advantage of a woman who asked to be put into a trance following his appearance at a pub in Calderdale last summer. The married 67-year-old is alleged to have put his hand up the alleged victim’s dress in the beer garden.

Bradford Crown Court heard how the woman had watched Vallo hypnotise her partner earlier that night, and one of the feats had involved him being told that he would have ‘the best sexual experience of his life’ if his shoulders were squeezed or his hand shaken.

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Vallo, who has no formal qualifications in hypnotherapy, said the woman had approached him afterwards and asked for a similar treatment. He said asked her to choose the man of her dreams and she chose the lead male character from racy novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

It is during this encounter Vallo, of Illingworth, Halifax, is alleged to have put his hand between her legs, which he denies.

Vallo, who has denied three allegations of sexual assault, admitted that he had kissed the woman once, but said that was simply to say goodnight and thank you.

‘’Did you think she might be in a state where you could take advantage of her?’’ suggested prosecutor Nicholas Askins.

‘’I didn’t think that at all, at no time,’’ replied Vallo.

The trial continues.