Hypocrites barking up wrong tree

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From: Mr KS Chapman, Olive Grove, Harrogate.

WELL, well, at last it seems that Harrogate Borough Council have shown their true colours and declared war on man’s best friend – the dog!

On every lamppost along Bilton Hall Drive notices are displayed threatening dog owners with a £1,000 fine for dog fouling. This is just typical of the pathetic, spineless, hypocrites of Harrogate Council.

A £1,000 fine for dog owners. Yet a yob cyclist can ride on the pavement (which hundreds of them do daily), run down a law-abiding pedestrian and get away with it.

No action is ever taken against these yobs by the police.

It is blatantly clear just whose side our pathetic, spineless, hypercritical council is on. Alas the cyclist get listened to, and can do what they like. The dog owners get persecuted, and pedestrians have become inconsequential third class citizens, not to be listened to.

It’s not wrong to back Britain

From: Mrs S Peacock, Greenfield Road, Middleton on the Wolds, Driffield.

WHEN I opened the paper (Yorkshire Post, February 11) I could not believe the report concerning the Olympic snowboarding coverage.

I watched Jenny Jones perform on Sunday and I felt exactly the same as the commentators and hopefully the majority of the British people watching.

Congratulation to Jenny but I don’t understand why anybody could have a problem with the support that was shown to her by the commentators and do people really believe that commentators for other countries are not doing exactly the same thing!

I was also disappointed to read the comments from the BBC – they appear to be quite happy to allow rude comments and swearing but feel the need to reprimand people who are showing 100 per cent support for such a fantastic achievement.

It would appear that we are not allowed to be biased, and “loose our cool” about our own in this country – come on folks get a life.#

Why its mean to test income

From: Mrs W Abbott, Boulsworth Avenue, Kingston Upon Hull.

MP Anne McIntosh claims “wealthy pensioners should pay their own bus fares,” yet acknowledges that the withdrawal of some services would be a disadvantage to the elderly population, particularly in rural areas (Yorkshire Post February 10).

How does one differentiate between the wealthy pensioners using bus services and those of us on an average income?

My husband and I are both pensioners of modest means. We use our own transport and local buses occasionally.

While I fully support the concept of free bus travel for the elderly, it is my view that it should be restricted within the city boundaries, bearing in mind that free bus travel is a privilege. I do not believe it is right for people to travel the length and breadth of the country by bus simply because it is free.

Recent government cutbacks in subsidising concessionary fares have placed a great deal of pressure on private service providers.

I am confident the majority of pensioners faced with a choice would be prepared to pay a nominal sum to preserve the services we already have rather than lose them.

Sold out by EU
America deal

From: Robert Reynolds, West Bank, Batley, West Yorkshire.

WHAT would you do if your better half sold off your house to a landlord, without your permission? That landlord then became bossy, arranging the curtains, demanding you change the sofa, TV, kitchen etc. Angry? Divorce? But this is exactly what the Tories, Labour and Lib-Dems did concerning the EU. They’re about to do it again.

America and the EU are preparing to sign a Free Trade Treaty (TTIP). It allows American corporate business to bypass our Parliament and laws (called ‘trade irritants!’).

Worse, any future laws which impact on their business allows Corporate America to sue our government.

This has already happened with a similar treaty in South America. Check it yourself.

Now, of the 650 sleeping beauties we elect to Parliament, only one woke up to this threat – Green Party MP Caroline Lucas. The other 649 are happy for the EU to sell our house!

Saintly Nick Clegg is launching a campaign to save ‘us’ from Ukip. It seems to me that it’s the Greens and UKIP who are doing their jobs properly.

Why bother with those who
sold your house without your consent?