‘I ate a pie and I liked it’ says chart star Katy Perry

Chart-Topper Katy Perry has extolled the virtues of pie and Yorkshire pudding after arriving in Sheffield on the latest leg of her world tour.

The singer, who is best known for her hits I Kissed a Girl, California Gurlz and Firework, had her first-ever taste of the regional delicacy before going on stage at the city’s arena.

She immediately went on social networking site Twitter to tell the world about her new favourite food and also used some local vernacular to describe the experience.

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Perry, who is married to the controversial British comedian Russell Brand, posted a tweet on the site saying: “FINALLY! Beloved ENGLAND! First thing I did was stuff me gob w/some Yorkshire puddings & meat pies from Silversmiths Sheffield. Ah bless.”

She turned up at the restaurant, which was featured as a struggling enterprise on celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares programme two years ago, where she tucked into one of its specialist pies.

The restaurant is in a former silversmith’s workshop and the menu includes meat from a local farm and gravy made with Sheffield-made sauce Henderson’s Relish.

Owner Justin Rowntree said: “I got a call from the hotel where Katy and her people were staying to say she was on her way.

“We were absolutely packed with around 95 diners, but with a bit of juggling we managed to find her a table.

“They were starving when they arrived – and it wasn’t only the food they were after.

“Katy was very interested in how we got our name Silversmith’s and was intrigued to hear about Sheffield’s history of cutlery manufacturing.

“Then she tucked into a meal. We first introduced her to Yorkshire pudding. She thought it was funny that we ate pudding as starters but once she got her head round it Katy loved it.

“Then she had a Whirlow Hall Farm meat pie and Henderson’s Relish gravy which she devoured.

“Every plate on the table was completely empty when the party left and they were all very complimentary about what they had eaten.”

After the meal Perry was taken to Sheffield Arena where she played a sellout show. And now Mr Rowntree is hoping another famous American will visit next week.

He added: “Rhianna is playing the arena and we hope to introduce her to some good old fashioned Sheffield snap.”