'I cried a little' says Yorkshire's Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker on stepping into the Tardis

Yorkshire's own Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker said she had "a little cry" after stepping into the Tardis for the first time.

Jodie Whittaker is the latest Doctor Who

The time machine had a bit of a makeover before the actress took over as the Time Lord, now having walls that seem to shift and a biscuit dispenser, with the whole ship built around a time crystal.

-> Everything you need to know on Yorkshire's first ever Doctor WhoWhittaker told Radio Times magazine: "Just walking into it the first time was amazing.

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"It was just me, [executive producer] Matt Strevens and [showrunner] Chris Chibnall.

"They'd already seen it but after I stepped in, I immediately had to go off and have a little cry.

"I had a real moment. It was surprisingly emotional."

The new design was unveiled in the BBC One programme on Sunday and went down well with fans, who posted messages on Twitter saying it was "beautiful" and that they approved.

"Being a part of this, you do appreciate what a big deal the Tardis is to so many people," Whittaker said.

"It's a part of Doctor Who history - and this one's all mine!"

Designer Arwel Jones said of the new-look ship: "I wanted to play with the dimension part of the Time And Relative Dimensions In Space acronym and not give it actual outer walls.

"It's infinite on the inside, which gives it a far more epic scale."

This week's Radio Times is out on Tuesday.

Jodie Whittaker attracts third-highest Doctor Who audience since 2005

Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who debut attracted the third biggest audience for a regular episode of the show since its return to screens in 2005.

A total of 10.54 million people watched Whittaker's first adventure, The Woman Who Fell To Earth, according to figures.

Only two episodes - excluding Christmas specials and one-offs - have had higher ratings.

Christopher Eccleston's 2005 debut as the Doctor was seen by 10.81 million, while David Tennant's 2008 story Journey's End had an audience of 10.57 million.

The new figures, published by Barb, include people who recorded and watched Whittaker's debut up to seven days after its transmission on October 7.

They are big enough to make Doctor Who one of the most-watched TV programmes of 2018, behind Bodyguard, Britain's Got Talent and Strictly Come Dancing.

They also show a stark contrast in ratings between Whittaker and her predecessor as the Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

Whittaker's debut pulled in more viewers than any episode that featured Capaldi, including his Christmas specials.

Capaldi played the Doctor from 2014 to 2017.

The last time any episode of Doctor Who got more than 10.54 million viewers was on Christmas Day 2013 - Matt Smith's final story as the Doctor.