I’ll do it my way vows May as Brexit date set

Prime Minister Theresa May, wearing an L.K.Bennett coat and dress as she was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for American Vogue.
Prime Minister Theresa May, wearing an L.K.Bennett coat and dress as she was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for American Vogue.
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THERESA MAY has rejected comparisons with Margaret Thatcher as she prepares for one of the most important eras in Britain’s post-war history.

The Prime Minister declared she will “do things my way” in a magazine interview published as her Government told Brussels the formal Brexit process will be triggered next Wednesday.

Mrs May defended her decision to pursue a hard Brexit despite backing the Remain side in last year’s referendum on Britain’s EU membership.

Posing for superstar photographer Annie Leibovitz for the Vogue magazine interview, Mrs May also defended her spending on fashion.

Her status as Britain’s second woman prime minister has frequently earned her comparisons with Baroness Thatcher since taking office last July.

“There can only ever be one Margaret Thatcher, she told the magazine.

“I’m Theresa May. I do things my way.”

Asked if she would describe herself as a feminist, the Prime Minister replied: “I haven’t thought about that for a very long time.”

The Prime Minister backed her predecessor David Cameron at last year’s EU membership referendum and stressed the importance of remaining in the European single market.

But in the aftermath of the vote Mrs May insisted “Brexit means Brexit” and has since declared Britain will not remain a single market member but will seek the broadest possible access.

Explaing her shift, she told the magazine: “One of the things we’ve seen happening in recent years in politics is an increasing lack of trust between people and the politicians.

“I think it’s very important that people feel that politicians are holding faith with them.

“And Parliament having said to the public, ‘You vote, you decide,’ we need to deliver on it for them. So yes, I did vote to remain. But also what’s important is that the country feels, I think, that it wants to come together.”

The Prime Minister decided to pose for Vogue despite facing huge criticism, including from former Cabinet colleague Nicky Morgan, for being photographed for another magazine in trousers later revealed to cost almost £1,000.

Mrs May, who is also known for her choice of footwear, said: “Look, throughout my political career, people have commented on what I wear. That’s just something that happens, and you accept that.

“But it doesn’t stop me from going out and enjoying fashion. And I also think it’s important to be able to show that a woman can do a job like this and still be interested in clothes.”

The interview took place shortly after her visit to the White House, where pictures of her holding hands with US President Donald Trump earned her the nickname ‘Theresa the appeaser’. “I think he was actually being a gentleman. We were about to walk down a ramp, and he said it might be a bit awkward,” Mrs May said.

There had been speculation that Mrs May could call a snap General Election fuelled by polls forecasting a landslide victory, but the move was explicitly ruled out by Downing Street yesterday.

Mrs May’s official spokesman told a Westminster media briefing: “There is no change in our position on an early General Election, that there isn’t going to be one... It is not going to happen.

“There is a Fixed-Term Parliaments Act.

“We have been clear that there isn’t going to be an early General Election and the Prime Minister is getting on with delivering the will of the British people.”

Latest polls show the Conservatives stretching their lead over Labour.