I still get star-struck
says Downton’s Anna

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DOWNTON ABBEY star Joanne Froggatt may have won a global following thanks to the phenomenal success of the hit show – but she still gets star-struck.

The Yorkshire-born actress, 33, who plays loveable Anna Bates in the Emmy award-winning series, admitted she was lost for words when she bumped into Hollywood star Ewan McGregor. In a national newspaper interview, she revealed that she and her husband, James Cannon, spotted the Star Wars actor while out.

She said: “He walked right past and me and my husband were going ‘Ooh, it’s Ewan McGregor’. Then James said, ‘Oh no, he’s seen me looking at him!’ and I was going ‘Don’t look, just act really cool’.”

When McGregor and his wife Eve approached the couple, they feared they were going to get a ticking off for staring at him – but instead he revealed he is a massive Downton fan.

Froggatt said: “I whispered to James, ‘Do you think we’ve offended him?’. Then Ewan went: ‘I’m so sorry. Did you see us staring at you? We’re massive Downton fans and our girls love the show.’ That was amazing, and we ended up having a lovely evening with them.”

The actress, who grew up in Littlebeck in North Yorkshire, also revealed she has been inundated with acting offers following the success of Downton, but she insisted the show remains a priority although she has also been lined up to star in Rabbit Hole in the West End.