Iceland launch spicy chicken thighs claimed to be world's hottest

Calling all spicy food eaters in Leeds.

Do you like your food so spicy your mouth effectively has the same temperature as the deepest pits of hell?

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If you do, then a frozen supermarket might have just the thing for you.


If you want to turn up your body temperature while the climate outside is hot then Iceland's new spicy chicken thigh - modestly called the Red Hot Chilli Chicken Thighs - and they are packing some serious heat.

Claimed to be twice as hot as Nando's extra hot sauce and registering at 575,500 on the scoville scale, the fiery thighs are made with a marinade of bird's eye chilli, habanero chilli and capsicum chilli essence and claim to be the hottest in the world.

One review on the Iceland website says: "...made (my) eyes water and nose run so great! Exactly what it said on the box, red hot chilli!!"


They are priced at £3 for 720 grams and can be purchased online or in store.

Would you be brave enough to try them?