If Scots win independence vote, it will be end for Cameron

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From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

it is looking increasingly likely that Scottish nationalists will persuade Scotland to secede from the UK.

Since the UK is, at present, an almost completely integrated nation, the result of the 
secession will have profound ramifications. Yet hard information about the consequences is notable by its absence.

This is extremely peculiar because, at the slightest whiff of the UK leaving the EU, the LibLabCon and big business leaders are all over the media warning of the dreadful consequences.

One thing is certain, if Scottish secession does go ahead it will highlight that leaving the EU will be comparatively straightforward.

After all, England has very deep ties with Scotland, whereas the UK has relatively little in common with its continental neighbours.

All this will make David Cameron deservedly toast. He has handed the SNP a referendum on a plate without exacting any price such as dealing with the anomaly that Scottish MPs can vote on purely English matters.

He contrived to delay a referendum on the EU for 
seven years while he allowed 
the Scottish referendum to go ahead.

And he has, like the entire UK establishment, made British patriotism so politically incorrect that Scottish patriotism has grown out of all proportion to fill the vacuum.

Given the debacle that he has largely caused, if the Scots do vote for secession, then Mr Cameron’s only honourable course is to ask the Queen to dissolve the UK Parliament immediately.

There must be fresh elections in both the continuing UK 
and the newly independent Scotland to deal with the constitutional crisis, and to ensure proper negotiations 
can be held without the 
Scots being on both sides 
at once.

And the new PM can give the UK our referendum to exit the EU at last, without any more fudge.

From: Robert Craig, Priory Road, Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset.

With two weeks to go to 
the Scottish referendum, the latest poll shows the “Yes” vote only three per cent short of winning.

The boy David could 
go down in history as the 
PM who paddled while Britain broke.