Ilkley Moor carvings may be covered after vandal attacks

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Archaeologists are considering covering ancient stone carvings on Ilkley Moor because of attacks by vandals.

Officers from Bradford Council, which owns the land, have met with English Heritage in the wake of Hangingstone Rock being vandalised with what appears to be a chisel.

Bradford Council countryside officer Richard Perham is experimenting with techniques to repair the monument. However, covering the carvings is also an option as archaeologists consider how to preserve the rock art which is thousands of years old.

An English Heritage spokesperson said: “We take any kind of vandalism to historic sites extremely seriously. Very often when we raise people’s awareness of how important ancient sites such as Ilkley are to our collective history, people are discouraged from damaging them. We’ll work together with Bradford Council to see how we can do this so that hopefully this wonderful ancient rock art is protected in the future.”