Immigration laws too lenient

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From: WE Verity, Hollins Lane, Hampsthwaite, Harrogate.

MAY I write in support of the letter from Michael Iveson (Yorkshire Post, November 28)?

I feel that the immigration laws of this country are far too lenient considering all the work that has been allowed to go abroad.

We cannot sustain the growing population.

I wonder if I am alone in the thought that limiting family allowance to two children per family would help.

I am not saying anybody should not have more but the extra children should be their own responsibility.

On the same subject, I wonder if all the teenage pregnancies are not a result of the over-generous benefit system.

I hope I am not alone in these thoughts.

Are we paying for telling Sid?

From: ME Wright, Grove Road, Harrogate.

THOSE thousands struggling to pay (let alone understand) their gas bills, may perhaps take some altruistic comfort from knowing that they are helping to fund “Sid’s” skiing holidays etc (Yorkshire Post, December 3).

A thought occurs: is “Sid” on the board of Ofgem?

If so, this might account for their long-term abject failure to do their job of protecting the interests of consumers.

Take young, not old, off the road

From: Barbara M Burnham, near Knaresborough.

AN article appeared about the age of drivers and the age people should be taken off the road (Yorkshire Post, November 28).

I suggest you look at the younger age group as their driving is diabolical.

It isn’t old age pensioners who zoom about at high speed, crashing into trees, overtaking on bends or crashing into oncoming traffic.

Let older people decide when it is time to give up driving.