Immigration level not in our children’s interests

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From: Phil Hanson, Beechmount Close, Baildon, Shipley.

THE recession has been cited as the main cause for all our nation’s ills. I have lived long enough to realise that such claims are at best iffy and more than likely baloney.

I have developed a clear understanding of a major factor that, for political reasons has been ignored or discounted without consideration as it is un-PC.

In a society with a balanced, low level of immigration, our children leave school and take up jobs and training. These same children then find partners, buy a house and take either a new house or one vacated by the elderly.

The large influx of adult migrants, often with their own children, means the normal balance of supply and demand is blown apart.

The influx of skills means employers train far fewer children and migrants move straight into houses – the houses our children would have occupied.

Money being tight, no houses get built so our children have no prospects. As a nation, I believe we have sleep-walked into a major problem, far worse than the recession, that is making the future worse for our children.

Is this the legacy our children deserve? I am afraid the facts are there for all to see – rampant immigration is not in our children’s interest no matter how the politicians plead otherwise.

If the UK was Australia or Jersey, this would simply not be happening.