Inspector is thanked after saving man’s life

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A police inspector has been thanked by a man whose life he saved with his quick-thinking action.

Insp Eamon Clarke, was on duty on Bedale High Street on Saturday, when he discovered 79-year-old Denis Peirson collapsed outside the Old Black Swan.

Mr Peirson was unconscious, not breathing and had a head injury. Insp Clarke immediately began CPR and after a few minutes, Mr Peirson regained consciousness and began breathing again.

With the assistance of members of the public, Insp Clarke, of Bedale Safer Neighbourhood Team, reassured Mr Peirson until the ambulance service arrived.

Mr Peirson was then taken by ambulance to the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton before being transferred to James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough. He is now at home recovering, having had a pace maker fitted. Medical staff confirmed that Mr Peirson would have died if the CPR had not been given at the time.

Insp Clarke went to visit Mr Peirson and his wife who live in Kirkby Fleetham. They issued a joint statement saying: “It was fantastic that he was in the right place at that time, otherwise it would have been a different story.”

“I am delighted that Mr Peirson is now out of hospital and making a recovery. It was a great relief when he began to breathe again,” Insp Clarke said.