Inspirational MND sufferer Jason Liversidge in bid to set fastest wheelchair record

HE may be virtually paralysed - but is still coming up with 'hare-brained schemes, which usually become a reality,' says wife Liz.

Jason Liversidge with his wife Liz, at their home at Rise, near Hull. Picture by Simon Hulme

Jason Liversidge, 42, who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease nearly five years ago, has undertaken a number of daring challenges including abseiling off the Humber Bridge and climbing Mount Snowdon.

The adrenaline junkie has now come up with his most daring yet - to set a Guinness World Record for the fastest distance over a mile in an electric wheelchair. It will mean having to go over 55 mph.

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But Mrs Liversidge, from Rise, East Yorkshire, said her husband was “hoping to smash it.”

Jason Liversidge abseiling down the Humber Bridge, last September. Picture by Simon Hulme

She added: “He is hoping to go more than 100mph - he is absolutely crazy.

“I’ve gone along with everything he has done so far but I will certainly be leaving this one up to Jason. There is no way I will be travelling anywhere near 100mph in a wheelchair.”

Specialist electrical vehicle firm, Worcestershire-based Indra has started design work, but Mrs Liverside is appealing for business sponsorship for £10,000 to pay for the components.

She said: “In return we will be putting logos on Jason’s helmet - and probably on the parachute we are going to use to slow it down.”

Mr Liversidge has enough function in his hand to operate his current wheelchair with a joystick, and a similar device will be used to operate the bespoke vehicle.

Mrs Liversidge said a World Record would be a legacy for their two daughters, Lilly, six, and Poppy, seven. “It will be something they can remember him for,” she said. Anyone who can help is asked to email [email protected]