InTechnology launch could revolutionise health service

Bryn Sage
Bryn Sage
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YORKSHIRE-based data services company InTechnology is set to launch a new service that could transform the lives of patients and save the NHS millions of pounds every year.

InTechnology is creating a system called InHealthcare which will allow patients to be monitored in their own homes by a “virtual” team of health care professionals.

Apart from saving the NHS money, it will also give patients greater choice, because they won’t have to travel to hospital for treatment.

The Harrogate-based firm yesterday announced the acquisition of the Newark-based telehealth company United Telehealth. It has also taken a “substantial” stake in healthcare software firm Healthsolve

InTechnology is one of the country’s few network providers to have accredited access to N3, the NHS network linking hospitals, medical centres and GPs.

Bryn Sage, chief operating officer at InTechnology, said yesterday: “The Government has put out a challenge to technology leaders to help deliver an affordable and effective telehealth proposition. Our investments will enable us to add a patient-led managed telehealth service to our existing suite of managed data and telephony services, while providing budget holders in the clinical community with a viable, cost-effective and independent solution.”

InTechnology plans to place a device in a patient’s home that can monitor their ‘vital signs’ such as the heart rate and blood pressure. If there is any cause for concern, health professionals can be alerted immediately.

Mr Sage added: “It’s spotting trends in a patient to ensure they don’t need acute care. They don’t want to have to go to their GP on a daily basis, and it frees up nurses who can prioritise which patients they visit.”

Mr Sage described the market place for these types of services as embryonic. United Telehealth which was founded in 2011, has three staff and a turnover in “hundreds of thousands”, according to Mr Sage.

The InHealthcare service is being trialled at a number of places around the UK including NHS Kirklees and NHS Northamptonshire.

The acquisition of Unted Telehealth includes the recruitment of the company’s scientific, technical and clinical staff.

Alan Payne, the chief executive of Healthsolve said: “We are delighted to be engaged in this innovative managed service from InTechnology.

“Our expertise in the healthcare sector will complement InTechnology’s own long-standing experience.”