International award 
for bionic hand 
made in Yorkshire

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A BIONIC hand made in Yorkshire, which helps amputees tackle everyday tasks from eating meals to tying shoe laces, has won an international award.

The bebionic3 myo-electric hand, developed by Leeds-based prosthetic specialist RSLSteeper, had been selected as one of only 15 worldwide innovations to feature at the da Vinci Awards, an annual international forum, held in Michigan, for the most innovative developments in adaptive and assistive technology.

The showcased innovations help people overcome physical limitations.

The finalists included a wearable robotic device that enables paraplegics to walk again, a drop-in rowing system that can be operated without the use of hands or arms, and a shopping cart that enables disabled children and adults to shop with their families.

After winning the prosthetics category, Paul Steeper, managing director of RSLSteeper, said: “This award is very important to us.

“It celebrates people who triumph over disabilities and recognises those who have developed new technologies to enable people to function at their fullest.

“bebionic3 is the culmination of many years of development and we’re very pleased with the results.

“It has been designed to help amputees tackle real-life situations and provides the perfect balance between advanced technology, functionality and aesthetics.

“It has the potential to revolutionise the lives of amputees across the world, helping them to regain independence and control in their everyday lives with the same advanced technology as much more expensive products.

“For this to be recognised by our peers means an awful lot.”

The bebionic3 myo-electric, launched in September last year, has attracted “significant export orders in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australasia”, said RSLSteeper.