Intruder raped woman in front of young son

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An intruder who brutally raped a woman in front of her young son was jailed yesterday for 11 years.

Dwaine Bryer, 26, climbed through a flat’s kitchen window and marched the terrified victim into the boy’s bedroom.

High on cocaine, he then ripped off her underwear and forced himself on her, ignoring her pleas to stop.

Her son, now aged seven, told Bryer: “Why are you sexing my mummy, get off her,” before the victim managed to jump 20ft from the Bristol flat’s balcony, injuring her back.

Bristol Crown Court heard that the woman had been so traumatised by the rape she had been prescribed medication by her GP.

Prosecutor Martin Lanchester said: “It has left the victim feeling like she is constantly under threat and feels she is very worried about her future.

“Her son’s education has been very seriously affected and he blames himself for what happened.”

The court heard that Bryer had eight previous convictions for 12 offences stretching back to when he was a juvenile and including GBH, assaulting a police officer and attempted burglary, as well as a caution for sexual assault.

When he raped the woman on July 11 last year, he was on bail and subject to a curfew.

Bryer, of Downend, Bristol, was convicted by a jury of rape but found not guilty of committing grievous bodily harm against the same woman.

Rupert Lowe, defending, said that since his conviction, Bryer had admitted the rape to probation officers. “His admission shows some courage,” Mr Lowe said.

“In his words, he was very sorry and very ashamed about what he had done.

“When he is released he will not trouble the courts again. In his words ‘I will not so much as steal from a shop, which would put me in any risk of returning to where I am’.”

Jailing Bryer, Judge Susan Evans QC said he had “terrified” the victim and caused “incalculable” damage to her own child.

Feelings were running so high in court that seven police officers sat in the public gallery next to the friends of Bryer.