Iron Man arrives courtesy of car body repair man

Mark Pearson spent 14 months building a replica Iron Man. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
Mark Pearson spent 14 months building a replica Iron Man. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
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A car body repair man has revealed the results of a 14-month labour of love – a life-size replica Iron Man suit.

Much like Marvel comic hero Tony Stark, the maker of the formidable character, Mark Pearson, worked tirelessly in his own home to create his futuristic suit.

But unlike Tony, 5ft 6in Mark, 44, cannot fit into his suit and has had to persuade a friend to spend half-an-hour clambering into the 6ft 2in costume.

Despite not having a weapons lab under his home in Bradford, he did not let his humble surroundings or his partner’s declaration that he was mad put him off.

He spent 14 months creating the model from cardboard and fibreglass, and amazingly doesn’t even know why he started.

Cinema-goers got to see it at a Bradford-area complex this week as they arrived to watch the new Avengers Assemble movie starring Iron Man.

Mark’s suit is almost an identical match although in place of the nuclear reactor which gives power to Tony Stark’s suit, Mark has used an ashtray.

Mark said: “I don’t know why I did it, I guess it was just a moment of madness.

“I decided on making the helmet then I said to my partner – ‘I’m going to make the full suit’. She said to me ‘you’re 44, what are you doing making a model of a man from comic books?’

“She has had a few moans every now and again but when she watched my friend walking around Bradford in it and the reaction he got from people she was delighted. It definitely made it worthwhile. It’s been hard work fitting it in with work and I’ve completely taken over the full front room.”