Irritating novelty song brings seasonal sneer

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From: David F Chambers, Sladeburn Drive, Northallerton.

CHRISTMAS brings us a wealth of music, from the heavyweights, through the well-worn carols to the catchy modern items – all to be enjoyed, all adding to the festive spirit. Not a time for criticising perhaps, but each year I’m irritated by one novelty piece entitled Sleigh Ride – you must have heard it.

The rather sloppy words are difficult to fit in, so I think this is basically an orchestral number. Its unmissable feature is a coconut shell “clip clop” suggestive of a horse’s hooves. That, I realise, is what irritates me. No one would enjoy a sleigh ride unless there was a substantial covering of snow and then of course you wouldn’t hear a horse’s hooves anyway.

You can’t write a coconut shell piece and entitle it Sleigh Ride. But it remains popular and must have made a lot of money over the years.

I shan’t let it spoil my Christmas.