Is the motorway system smart?

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From: Keith Williams, Ackworth.

M62 chaos on Tuesday. No official news, local radio stations sending out reporters and relaying tweets from motorists or the “smart motorway system” installed at the cost of tens of millions and two years of travel disruption.

The Highways Agency? Nuffin to do wiv me, mate.

Who was responsible for the lack of information, no advance warning signs and not a policeman or traffic control body to be seen?

What was the cost to our region? Why does it happen every few months? Why does it take almost 10 hours of closed motorway for an accident to be cleared and officials complete their investigations aka protecting their backs?

Living within your means

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

WHETHER you are a millionaire or a millworker, economics at its most basic level comes down to one simple truth – you can’t spend what you don’t earn.

The so-called “living wage” is a chimera – a dream creature to charm voters which will turn into a monster if any politician is ever foolish enough to attempt to implement it.

A bit like the NHS, now I come to think of it.

Rail route idea was pipedream

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

I SEE that the possibility of opening the Beverley to York railway line has been dealt a blow. From the very start, the whole idea, in my opinion, was a joke and the money spent on a feasibility study was a waste of good money.

The question always has been, who would use it and what money would it generate?

The cost of re-furbishing the tracks alone would be astronomical, let alone re-buying the land now in other use or the purchase of replacement land to detour around it. When one thinks of the cost of building stations, it is clear that this was 
no more than a pipedream.