ITM grant to develop eco-friendly systems

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SHEFFIELD-based ITM Power, the energy storage and clean fuel company, has received a £310,000 EU grant to develop environmentally friendly energy storage systems.

ITM is working with a consortium to demonstrate energy efficient technologies and energy storage systems in non-residential buildings.

The programme, known as the CommONEnergy project, aims to make commercial buildings more energy efficient.

ITM Power’s main role in the project relates to the integration of hydrogen energy systems in multiple-use non-residential buildings.

It will also demonstrate the potential of hydrogen energy storage to become an effective means of integrating renewable energy into commercial buildings. An energy storage system will be installed in a shopping centre as part of the scheme.

Graham Cooley, ITM Power chief executive, said: “Energy storage solutions for the built environment are a key market for electrolysers and fuel cells.

“This project brings together a very significant European consortium to overcome some of the logistical and legislative hurdles to unlocking this potentially massive market in Europe.”

In the four-year programme, ITM Power will be working with consortium members including Accademia Europa Bolzano.