Jamie, 7, on mercy flight for cancer treatment

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A BOY who is suffering from cancer flew out to Germany last night for specialist treatment after a private charter firm stepped in to help the seven-year-old’s plight.

Jamie Inglis was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer, in 2009, but the treatment he needs is not available in the UK.

He has been travelling to Stuttgart using commercial flights for treatment, but now his immune system is not strong enough to fight viruses he may pick up on a busy plane.

His parents, John and Vicki, posted a plea for help on the social networking site, Twitter, and a private charter company, Fly Me Now, offered to arrange a flight from Leeds-Bradford airport yesterday evening.

Mr Inglis said: “We’re amazingly grateful to everyone who’s helped arrange the flight and hopefully we’ll be able to arrange a return flight as well.”

The couple raised £400,000 for Jamie’s chemotherapy, which left him with low blood pressure, swollen lips and a hernia in his abdomen. He went into remission for 18 months and was able to go back to school, but the cancer returned in March and he needed surgery to remove a tumour on his spine. He is now undergoing six months of intensive therapy.

Mr Inglis said: “People might say why doesn’t Jamie just stay over in Germany but we think it’s essential to get him home, away from being in hospital all the time, and it means we can see our daughter (Poppy) who has been staying with her grandparents while we’ve been away.”

Pilot Andrew Whitney said: “This is the first time I’ve met them but their story jumped out at me straight away when I read it because there is a light at the end of the tunnel for Jamie and I wanted to do something to help.”

The chief executive of the Neuroblastoma Alliance UK, Alison Moy, said: “We’re delighted that Jamie is responding so well to his treatment in Germany, but it’s so hard for families having to travel back and forth so frequently.

“For many families we support, finding treatment abroad is the only chance for their child to beat this terrible cancer.”

Donations to raise funds can be made at www,keepJamiesmiling.com.