January 29 Letters: Drive to bring rural areas up to speed online

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From: Peter Charlesworth, Chairman, Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, Leyburn.

Julie Wyatt highlights 
the need for a supply of well-paid jobs within the National Park, especially in IT (The Yorkshire Post, January 19). I couldn’t agree more. In fact, the policies of the National Park Authority and its partners – set out in the National Park Management Plan – strongly encourage such businesses.

Why would they not when they are exactly the sort of low-impact jobs that are suited to one of the finest landscapes in England?

I would suggest that the current lack of such jobs 
has more to do with the fact 
that, for years, the private telecoms companies have 
put profit above service 
and left most of the National Park – and most remote 
rural areas generally – 
without the high-speed broadband needed to support those jobs.

That is why North Yorkshire Country Council, with the full support of both National Park Authorities, is leading the country in driving forward 
the roll-out of superfast broadband across rural 
North Yorkshire.