January 29 Letters: Extra charge if you want to sit together on flight

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From: David and Linda Greenwood, Bradford.

In general Jet2 are very good
 for Yorkshire and West Yorkshire in particular with their support of Leeds Bradford Airport and the many destinations they offer.

However, they have unfortunately slipped into the “Rip Off Britain” brigade with their treatment of travellers when booking seats on the aircraft.

We are regular supporters of Jet2, flying with them on three return journeys per year for some years now.

On several occasions we have been allocated seats which are not together – and having queried this been advised that “it was the computer” – leaving us with the choice of sitting separately for nearly five hours or paying extra to book the seats together.

We have just returned from Lanzarote with the same treatment from Jet2 each way.

The outward flight was only half full (the emptiest we have seen a flight) and yet, after talking to other passengers, 
we learned that sitting together was only possible if you paid extra.

Jet2 are hoping to charge an extra booking fee of £7.50 each for this, making a total £30 for two people per round trip.

Instead of being straight like we Yorkshiremen appreciate, why don’t they say that they need this revenue to operate successfully and save all the messing about?

They should just put this charge onto the flight cost so we all know where we stand.

Two years ago we booked a flight and hotel with Jet2 Holidays – and again we were given separate seats.

We responded by saying that based on their computer’s skill when it came to booking, we were lucky to end up in the same room together, but our attempt at humour was met with stony silence.

From: Mrs A Bamford, Sheffield.

WE are now told that thousands of children are in danger of becoming ill because their parents are unable to adequately heat their houses (The Yorkshire Post, January 22), the inference being that they shouldn’t be asked to pay their bills.

Most of us over the age 
of 60 will have grown up with 
one coal fire in the kitchen to heat the whole house, and I’m sure many of us remember scraping ice from the inside of the window.

Presumably, if we are reading this paper, we all somehow managed to remain well enough to survive until now?