Jazz Preview: Blowing the trumpet for unsung volunteers

Yorkshire's jazz clubs are into their New Year stride, in the wake of two new reports which emphasise the vital role played by the army of volunteers who keep the idiom alive throughout the country. Both reports emanate from Jazz Services, which does such a fine job in promoting jazz in the UK.

A Jazz in England survey refers to the hidden value generated by the jazz world's local volunteers, often working for nothing to promote, stage and market the music.

And an updated report on the value of jazz in Britain indicates an annual turnover of over 80m, with arts subsidies often doubled by the unpaid work of dedicated supporters.

Chris Hodgkins. director of Jazz Services, says: "It confirms what I've long believed, that jazz is incredible value for arts money and the voluntary sector enables the effect of that money to be multiplied even further."

Timely revelations, in view of threatened cuts in arts funding, which shed a deserved light on the often unsung enthusiasts at a variety of venues.

At the county's foremost club, Wakefield Jazz, committee members have used their own money to keep the club financially afloat.

Wakefield emphasise that there is no immediate risk of the club closing but have launched a subscription scheme to guarantee its future. Meanwhile the new season gathers pace tonight with Terry Seabrook's Milestones, celebrating the music of Miles Davis.

For full details of Wakefield Jazz's upcoming programme call 01977 680542 or visit www.wakefieldjazz.org.uk