Jelly fight and visits on wish list for Abigail’s party

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Brave Abigail Fleming is preparing to celebrate her 16th birthday two years early surrounded by her family and friends.

The schoolgirl is suffering from terminal cancer and doctors have told her she will not live to see 2014.

So she has asked friends and guests to donate £2 each to come to her party next Saturday to fund her list of things to do before she dies.

Abigail, from Maltby, near Rotherham, was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left leg in September 2008. She had chemotherapy but four months later had to have her left knee and part of her leg removed.

She continued with the chemotherapy but, in December 2010, a routine scan found tumours in her left lung.

More chemotherapy followed and part of Abigail’s left lung was removed. Since then she has been in and out hospital, has had several operations and more courses of chemotherapy.

She said: ”Although I know the cancer will take my life I’m determined to fight on and enjoy the time I have left with my family and my friends.

“I’m looking forward to my party. There are lots of things planned for the night and then hopefully I’ll be able to start doing some of the things on my list.”

Abigail’s wish list includes seeing the singer Ed Sheeran, flying in a hot air balloon, staying at the Alton Towers Hotel, visiting Scotland and having giant custard pie and jelly fights.

Her mother Maria, 43, said: “Abigail was fit and healthy until she was diagnosed in 2008. She was hardly ever ill growing up and was full of life.

“She has been absolutely amazing and has just been determined to enjoy what time she has left with us.”