Jet2 accused of ‘insensitivity’ after refusing Paris flight change

Jet2 has a policy of not allowing the transfer of travel destination
Jet2 has a policy of not allowing the transfer of travel destination
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A YORKSHIRE-BASED airline has been accused of treating a customer in a “shabby” and insensitive way after it refused to switch tickets for travel to Paris for another destination.

Following Friday’s terrorist attack in the French capital, some airlines have agreed to delay or transfer tickets booked to Paris in the coming days for another destination.

But when Karen Crawshaw requested to change tickets booked for a Jet2 flight from Leeds Bradford Airport to Paris this Thursday, she was told the airline would not be changing its usual policy of not transferring travel destinations.

Ms Crawshaw said she felt she had not choice but to change the trip with partner, booked two months ago at the cost of almost £400, after the attack, which killed 129 people, due to safety fears.

Current guidance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) does not advise against travel to Paris, but does advise British nationals to “exercise caution” in public places.

Parisian Police have advised residents and tourists to keep movement around the city to a minimum, and a number of tourist attractions, including the Eiffel Tower and Louve museum, are currently closed until further notice.

Ms Crawshaw, of Wakefield, said: “Given Friday’s terrorist atrocities, the resulting state of emergency, three days of mourning and that major tourist sites are closed indefinitely, we telephoned Jet2 to request changing our booked flights to Paris for a city break to an alternative destination. We did not request a refund, as we hoped to still manage to get away.

“We were aware that Jet2 have a no transfer of destination policy, but given this extraordinary situation, we were shocked when Jet2 refused to be flexible around this policy. Jet2 told us that they consider that Paris is still a safe place, when clearly it is not.

“Further Jet2 were totally insensitive as to how their customers feel, how could any one travel to Paris and even begin to try and enjoy themselves in the midst of such tragedy and fear?”

Ms Crawshaw was offered a new flight in the New Year, but says she wished to travel this week as time off had already been secured from work.

She added: “Other major competitive airlines are allowing passengers refunds or options to transfer their flights to alternative destinations. They are managing to acknowledge people’s sensitivities and concerns and flex around their policies.

“I think it’s really poor of Jet2, Yorkshire’s local airline, to treat its customers in such a shabby way.”

Yesterday, a number of airlines announced measures had been put in place for passengers who no longer wished to travel to Paris.

British Airways offered passengers who had booked to travel on Saturday the chance to transfer to an alternative destination, as did Flybe.

Easyjet said anyone booked to travel over the weekend could cancer and get a refund.

Dutch airline KLM has offered anyone already booked on a flight before Sunday November 22 the chance to change their travel dates or destination free of charge.

A spokesperson for Leeds-based Jet2 said: “Whilst the FCO advice remains the same, we will continue to operate flights to Paris as normal. We have therefore not amended our policy on refunds or changes, for those customers travelling beyond this weekend.

“We would like to add our sincere condolences to those families affected by the recent tragic events in Paris.”