Jet2 confident about the future despite Brexit

Jet2 says people will still need to go holiday despite the Brexit vote
Jet2 says people will still need to go holiday despite the Brexit vote
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​The owner of Jet2 said it is confident about the future despite disappointment over the outcome of the EU referendum result.

Dart Group's chairman Philip Meeson​ said: "​​​​Although we were disappointed at the result of the recently held referendum on whether the UK should remain in the EU, we are confident that our customers will... be keen to travel from our rainy islands to the sun spots of the Mediterranean, The Canaries and to European leisure cities.

​"​The current financial year has started well in both our ​l​eisure ​t​ravel and ​d​istribution businesses.​"

​The owner of ​Leeds-based ​leisure airline ​said​ group revenue ​rose 12​ per cent​ to £1​.​4​bn in the year to March 31.

Group operating profit increased 109​ per cent​ to £105​m, reflecting strong trading in ​the group's​ ​l​eisure ​t​ravel business together with an improved performance from the ​g​roup's ​d​istribution ​and​ ​l​ogistics business.

​Pre-tax profit rose 82 per cent to £104.2m.

​"Leisure Travel revenue grew 15 per cent to £1.26bn, reflecting increased yields from both our flight-only and package holidays products and a 22 per cent increase in package holiday customers, who represented 40 per cent of total departing passengers," said Mr Meeson.

​O​ver ​three million​ customers took a flight or package holiday to ​Jet2's​ sun, city and ski destinations during the year.

​​"​Our ​l​eisure ​t​ravel business specialises in scheduled flights by our airline to holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and to European ​l​eisure ​c​ities and the provision of ATOL licensed package holidays by our tour operator Jet2holidays​," said Mr Meeson.​

​"​Our core principles are to be family friendly, offer value for money and give great customer service. For those customers who have arranged their own accommodation, our flights offer competitive fares, convenient flight times, allocated seating and a 22kg baggage allowance.

​"​Our package holidays give us the opportunity to deliver an 'end-to-end' experience to which we add value through innovation and customer service. Importantly, our customer volumes allow us to serve many destinations daily and others several times a week during the spring, summer and autumn months, and enable us to offer a great choice of variable duration holidays at affordable prices.​"​​

​He said that following the ​"encouraging" results, the board is recommending a final dividend of 3.10p per share, up from 2.25p last year, which will bring the total proposed dividend to 4.0p per share for the year, up 33 per cent on last year.