Jilted asylum seeker given life for sadistic teen murders

Samantha Sykes (left), 18, and Kimberley Frank, 17, were murdered by asylum-seeker Ahmad Otak (below).
Samantha Sykes (left), 18, and Kimberley Frank, 17, were murdered by asylum-seeker Ahmad Otak (below).
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A SADISTIC asylum seeker has been jailed for life after he brutally murdered his former girlfriend’s sister and a friend in two frenzied knife attacks after she refused to take him back.

Afghan national Ahmad Otak had repeatedly threatened to harm Elisa Frank’s family and friends and told her he had a “kill list” if she ended their relationship.

Ahmad Otak

Ahmad Otak

When she finally did so in March, he attacked her sister Kimberley, 17, repeatedly slashing and stabbing at her in front of his horrified ex.

He then laughed and licked blood from the knife before spitting on his first victim’s body, Richard Mansell QC, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court.

After tying up his ex-girlfriend with electrical flex so she could not escape he made her send messages to a model friend Samantha Sykes, 18, luring her to Kimberley’s flat in Barden Road, Wakefield.

When she arrived she too was attacked, suffering more than 30 wounds including her throat being cut.

Otak then forced Elisa to go to Dover with him in a bid to flee to France but thanks to the bravery of an illegal immigrant she escaped and Otak was arrested.

Jailing Otak for life for the murders of the two young women Mr Justice Coulson ordered he serve a minimum of 34 years minus the time he has spent on remand and told him: “You will not even be considered for release until the year 2046.”

The judge said he was satisfied Otak was a practised liar who misled the authorities about his age when he first entered the UK in 2007 pretending to be 16 to get more favourable treatment.

His claim for asylum was rejected but he was granted a period of humanitarian protection until November 5, 2013.

“It now seems that that was the direct consequences of the lies you told about your age,” said the judge.

“You were wholly undeserving of any such protection; you repaid the generosity of the authorities and the taxpayers of this country by murdering two of its citizens in a carefully planned and entirely cold blooded way. You claimed humanitarian protection, but you showed yourself incapable of behaving like a human being.”

He had used gratuitous violence on both and spitting on Kimberley’s body was “an act of bestiality”. “You are an inadequate man with controlling and violent tendencies who out of childish jealousy and spite murdered two young women in cold blood,” he was told.

The court heard through his age deception Otak was placed in a children’s unit in Kinsley, Pontefract, where he met Elisa and Kimberley, who were in care. The judge said he took advantage of Elisa’s vulnerability and throughout their on-off relationship was controlling and threatening.

Miss Sykes bravely reported how he treated her friend to the police and the UK Border Agency but when Elisa Frank was too frightened to make any formal complaint nothing came of it.

Elisa even arranged to use a text message D for danger with her sister if she felt under threat and when she finished with him again in March she told friends he stalked her.

On March 9 it was arranged he would see her at her sister’s home to return her pet kitten Noah and some clothes but he arrived armed with a carving knife.

When she repeated that she was not going back to him, he produced it and attacked Kimberley. She suffered 15 wounds to her lung, heart, spleen, liver and kidney and he cut her throat so forcefully it damaged the spine.

Following the killings, Otak fled to Dover with a distressed Miss Frank and planned to escape the country in a lorry but was foiled after they met an illegal immigrant who bravely grabbed the knife from Otak enabling Miss Frank to escape.