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From: RM Robinson, Sutton.

ANNE McIntosh will continue to be the MP for Thirsk and Malton until the General Election in 2015. May I suggest, therefore, that all the armchair experts, who think Miss McIntosh has been badly treated, join the Thirsk & Malton Conservative Association where they will be able to take an active part and learn at first hand the difficulties involved?

They will then be able to give an informed opinion when they have seen at first hand what 12 sets of voluntary officers have had to endure.

Tread carefully

From: David Williams, Barwick in Elmet.

I REFER to the letter (Yorkshire Post, February 15) concerning Harrogate Council and their vendetta against dogs.

A £1,000 fine is insufficient for people who allow their dogs to foul pavements and don’t remove the offending pile.

They should also, if identified, be made to clean the footwear of the person who walked in it and any carpets etc. on to which the offending substance has been walked.

I do agree that cyclists on pavements are a menace, but you have much more chance of identifying them should they inflict injury on a pedestrian – the dog owner is usually long gone.

In tune

From: Brian H Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

DAVID F Chambers, who wishes to extend his musical knowledge, is disaffected with Sunday morning Classic FM (Yorkshire Post, February 15). I suggest he tries BBC Radio 3, whose presenters are not only likeable and friendly but are either musicians themselves or experts on the subject.