Judge names thug aged 14 who has terrorised village since he was nine

A TEENAGER labelled the biggest brat in Britain has been given a three-year Asbo after a reign of terror in a South Yorkshire village that began when he was just nine.

Josh Edmans, 14, has terrorised young and old alike and indulged in racial abuse. Now he has been warned he could be jailed for up to two years if his criminal behaviour continues.

Barnsley District Judge Michael Rosenberg allowed the thug, who terrorised the village of Thurnscoe, to be named so victims and residents “can see justice.”

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His roll of shame includes 39 incidents which began in March 2005.

He punched a 10-year-old boy in the eye, a 12-year-old boy in the face and pinned down two 12-year-old girls while taking it in turns with two others to hit them. He intimidated a witness in an assault case against him, robbed a boy with special needs and shone laser pens into people’s eyes.

He also threatened two sisters in a park while brandishing a craft knife, sprayed graffiti and terrorised residents of a care home.

Adrian Phillips, prosecuting, told the court Edmans had “repeatedly used threatening, racist behaviour and violence on the elderly, the disabled and the general public”.

His mother Julie Edmans, 40, has been given a 12-month parenting order. She said: “I’ve tried my best but it’s hard. Josh has always been a handful, he’s not been to school since he was nine.

“Now he goes for a couple of hours a time with behavioural support, but he gets bored.”