July 24: Fears for future of both the NHS and the BBC

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From: Paul Hill, Lancaster.

JEREMY Hunt expressed doubts about the future of the NHS and doctors warned that we are taking the NHS down towards a US system of healthcare. I have no doubts that the present Government will deplete the NHS until all we are left with is care for those who can afford it.

This week we have found out that our Armed Forces are carrying out airstrikes in Syria. The explanation given is that our forces are embedded within allied forces. This obviously has consequences for future conflicts – we could end up fighting wars without being told and most importantly without the will or knowledge of Parliament.

Tories accuse the BBC of political bias during the general election, the poor BBC must now pay the price. The changes will be deep and severe, and I am sure the BBC will not be recognisable in its present form by the end of this Parliament.

So, bright future or trouble ahead, the start of many changes to come.

From: Max Nottingham, St Faiths Street, Lincoln.

DAVID Cameron is spilling out policies like a man on excess prunes. Is it really a four year goodbye until he stands down as promised? Go early, Prime Minister. You are filling the hospitals with distressed poor people.