July 4: Defence cuts will lead to more cost

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From: Mr K Hart, Gallows Hill, Ripon.

I THOROUGHLY agree with recent comments in The Yorkshire Post about David Cameron’s leadership, direction and lack of understanding. He has been diminishing our Armed Forces since he took power and came up with a ludicrous plan of making experienced professional Forces personnel redundant, to be replaced by reservists.

Having served a full career in the Army and a further three years in the TA, as it was, I wish he had asked me and people like me before he went ahead.

Politicians should be forced to read history books and then they would probably realise that defence cuts are a financial short-term measure and in the long run they will be spending much more to cover up their errors. The prime example is the Falklands in 1982.

If Cameron is considering taking on “Islamic State”, I would suggest he urgently recruits the experienced personnel he has sacked. Si vis pacem, para bellum – If you want peace, prepare for war.

Tackling fly-tipping

From: Pat Black, Gowthorpe, York.

I WAS very concerned to read the letters from David Wharton and Sue Cuthbert (The Yorkshire Post, June 27). It’s no wonder that fly-tipping is getting worse when their respective councils are charging for taking items to their municipal tips. These councils clearly lack an ability for strategic thinking and foresight. Do they somehow think they are going to cover the cost of fly-tipping by charging conscientious citizens who take their rubbish to the tip? How ridiculous.

I live in an area covered by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. They have excellent waste recycling sites completely free of charge and an excellent domestic collection service for compostable materials, glass, paper, cardboard, food containers, tins etc.

Yes, we have problems with fly-tipping like everywhere else, particularly in rural areas, but when I have reported fly-tipping to the council they have cleared it away within 24 hours. I just hope that sometimes they are able to identify the culprits and obtain successful prosecutions.

Caution over our climate

From: John Webb,The Grove, Hipperholme, Halifax, West Yorkshire.

I THINK I might be able to help Colin Richardson (The Yorkshire Post, July 1) in his confusion on current and past variations in the earth’s climate.

The recent increase in temperatures have taken place 10 times faster than at any time in the earth’s past caused by C02 levels which are the highest for 20 million years, mostly from human activity over the last 50.

This gives little time for the natural and human world to adapt, causing a massive extinction of species which previously took place over millions of years; also famine and flooding in heavily populated parts. Given that planet Earth is our one and only home, that would suggest proceeding with a degree of caution.

Soap is not like the Dales

From: Martin Heathcote, Pinnar Lane, Southowram, Halifax.

HOW right was Sir Bernard Ingham (The Yorkshire Post, July 1) on TV soaps. We watch as early as 7pm soaps like Emmerdale which are supposed to reflect life in a supposedly sleepy Dales village. In half an hour we are subjected to criminal activities, alcohol-fuelled loutish behaviour, violence and scenes of sexual acts by straight and homosexual characters.

Impressionable children watch all these programmes and are being conditioned into believing that this is the “norm”.

I am old enough to remember Emmerdale Farm, which was a pleasure to watch and reflected the real Dales lifestyle.

How sad to think that the producers and scriptwriters think that they have to subject us to this sensation seeking rubbish.

From: David Thornton, Harthill Close, Gildersome, Leeds.

LEEDS on a lovely day was buzzing – hen and stag parties, groups of people going from pub to pub, shoppers with full bags.

Alas my bus stop was on Boar Lane – sorry, Beggars Lane. At least six in an area of 100 yards and they all seem to have their own site, eg the guy with the paper cup outisde Greggs, the not under-fed chap with the dog outside William Hill, the man outside Sainsbury’s and so on. They are there daily.

I think the authorities need to move them on – they paint a picture of Leeds that is not needed.

Irritating TV ads

From: Trev Bromby, Sculcoates Lane, Hull.

SURELY I am not alone in being worn down umpteen times a day, year in, year out, by Sir Michael Parkinson plugging Sun Life?

But just when you think it is the worst advert on TV along comes one to match it – the irritating insurance ad, with the bloke who sounds like he is trying to get his breath back after just finishing a marathon.

At one time people used to comment that the ads were better than the programmes. Not any more, no, not any more!