July 4: Science behind global warming in question

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From: Mr DF Chambers, Sladeburn Drive, Northallerton.

TO many millions of the world’s inhabitants, the Pope’s message to mankind comes as inflallible confirmation of the fact of global warming.

Which is sad, as it detracts from the many other worthy points made in the letter.

Who would dispute the call to respect and conserve the beauty of the environment?

What is at issue, however, is the doubtful and often dishonest “science” behind such suggestions as shrinking ice-caps, rising sea levels, “unprecedented” weather events and so on. The alleged evils of carbon dioxide (essential to plant growth) or the tackling of climate change provide limitless opportunity for big business projects.

If it were recognised that our climate is at the mercy of the (varying) amount of radiation emitted by the sun, a great deal of expense coould be avoided and we could at least stop punishing ourselves.

From: Mavis Harrison, Saxton Gardens, Leeds.

I WOULD like to tell Prince Charles to stop telling us how green we should be and how to care for the environment. His carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions rose by 85 per cent in a year. He is hardly in a position to preach to us.