June 12: Yet another privatisation sees service fail as charges soar

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From: Mr D Birch, Cookridge.

HERE we go again. In my lifetime we have lost our coal, electricity, telephone and railways. All very good for the people who used them and at costs we could afford. As we all know now, since then they now cost us dearly to use. The only real development is with BT. So much for progress.

Since that madness took shape we have sold off our Royal Mail.

It’s been just over a year and not only have the prices not just doubled and even trebled and beyond that and they are complaining they are not making profit and expect the Government to do something about it because of their competition. It hasn’t just stopped at pricing, the service we depend upon has gone down the drain.

Two items affect me and most probably a very large number all over the UK. One is the collection time from their “boxes”. In LS16 even the “box” outside the local Post Office appears to be changed at will. This is not new to me and the people who run the Post Office. On Wednesday, June 3, at 5.15pm I ignored my local “box”, as usual now, because collection is at 9am. How’s that for a time to post letters? Not only that, they sometimes change the day. So I went to the “box” outside the Post Office. Their last collection time is 6.30pm. At 5.15pm it had already been collected. This has not been a “one off” – its been going on for months.

The second problem is delivery of my mail through the door. This might also affect older and disabled people. I can’t bend down to pick up anything. I get large amounts of mail, unwanted of course and the masses of charity requests

With letters / mailings /catalogues and my one newspaper a day I can fill a green bin in two or three weeks and it is so heavy I can’t push it up my driveway. For months I have had a large piece of paper with large letters on asking for post or parcels to be put on a small white table just inside the patio door. I have now closed off the letter box and all they do is open the door and throw the mail through, so it is scattered about the floor.

With regarding to costs – we now pay the Post Office as a private company. Recently I had a product delivered from a company and I paid them £4.90 for delivery. It was sent back by me via The Post Office and I had to pay them £22.70p.

Up to about 10 months ago I would reguarly send a 9in x 6in letter to a friend in Norway and included bits and pieces from Yorkshire. This used to cost me 54p. Now it costs me £2.45p. That’s privatisation – and from a Tory government who can only see the money.