June 13: Thatcher and the decline of British industry

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From: H Marjorie Gill, Clarence Drive, Menston.

DR Glyn Powell (The Yorkshire Post, June 8), explains to us that Mrs Thatcher was solely to blame for the decline of British industry. Of course we all remember how she went to Scotland to make sure the trade union officials kept their determination not to allow job sharing. This naturally made British shipbuilders unable to compete with other countries.

She danced in the streets when the unions at Tilbury, Hull and Liverpool refused to unload container ships and they all went to Rotterdam. The only successful port remaining was Felixstowe. I’m sure this lady was behind Red Robbo at British Leyland all the way when he called “all out” strikes and was relieved when the firm had to close.

She was weeping with frustration when her Tory Ministers brought in a Bill to stop flying pickets from other industries to stop miners wishing to work during the miners’ strike.

What she said about the printing industry moving away from Fleet Street to set up non-union works to enable them to stop colour printing to go to Holland where a new process was being used beggars belief.

Dr Powell might think I have rose-tinted spectacles, but I can remember very clearly without any glasses exactly what lost our trade to other countries.