June 19: Society’s changes driving home-buying issue

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From: R & M Bielby, Cromwell Avenue, Loftus in Cleveland, Yorkshire.

THE problems for first-time buyers (The Yorkshire Post, June 8) are surely due to the changes in society, not just the shortage of houses.

When we married in 1965, we were able to buy our house outright. It had been empty for some three years and neglected before that.

It needed a lot of work doing but we were prepared to spend our evenings, for some eight months, working hard.

Like most people at that time, my husband left school and started work three weeks after his 15th birthday.

His wage was low but he did as his parents told him – “save for your future” – and at 23 he was able to buy our home.

It was sparsely furnished when we moved in on our wedding day and it was several years before we could furnish all the rooms and heat it throughout, but it was our home and we were happy in it.

Young people now are not earning until some years after they are 15 so have no savings for a home. Modern laws have made them adults at 18 but have put them into a situation more like childhood.