June 20: Wife’s ordeal shows need for more screening

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From: Edward Grainger, Botany Way, Nunthorpe.

GRACE Hammond’s sensitive report about testing for cervical cancer (The Yorkshire Post, June 15) is another timely reminder to women of all ages, especially those aged 50 to 64, to attend GP surgeries or clinics for regular screening.

The Keele University research on the subject highlights the fact that there is an urgent need to extend the screening programme to include women over the age of 65.

My late wife Janet was some months from her 60th birthday when she lost her battle against the disease. I urge all women, especially those aged 50 to 64, to attend for screening and I urge The Yorkshire Post and all Yorkshire MPs to campaign for the screening programme to include all women, regardless of age, something I know the Cervical Cancer Trust would strongly support.

I would not wish any families of a loved one diagnosed with the disease to suffer as I and my own did watching the disease take hold and result in just one more unnecessary death.