June 26: A greater threat than climate shift

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From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse, Derbyshire.

THE Pope has recently issued a new encyclical regarding the threat to the planet through man made greenhouse gas emissions (Bishop of Sheffield, The Yorkshire Post, June 24)

However he could have issued an alternative encyclical which would potentially have a greater beneficial impact, namely by ending the Roman Catholic Church’s opposition to artificial birth control.

I did an Environmental Science degree at university in the 1970s, which included a module on climate science. At that time man-made greenhouse gas emissions were not thought to be having a significant impact on the climate, and the greater threat to the planet, although not entirely unconnected, was thought to be from depletion of natural resources and over-population.

Around that time that both China and India, the two most populous countries in the world, introduced birth control policies, and free contraceptives became available in the UK.

Since then however, birth control policies seem to have declined in importance, and in the UK in particular, we appear to have shied away from limiting child benefit to the first two or three children.

Although not trying to deny that man-made greenhouse gas emissions may have had some impact on the climate, especially with coming from a scientific background myself, I am very much of the opinion that the effect of these has been overplayed, and the potentially more serious threat from overpopulation has for various reasons, been conveniently brushed under the carpet.

From: Laurence J. Sowden, Far Lane, Kettlewell.

MY electricity supply contract ends shortly and so I thought it best to check if I could source my electricity cheaper.

As it happens I came across a company which would save me the princely sum of £237 per year.

However, to my surprise, I noticed that if I was prepared to pay a hefty premium of several hundred pounds per year there were companies who would guarantee to supply me with “green” energy.

Now it struck me that if 
people were prepared to pay 
this premium for green energy then there must be an opportunity for some entrepreneur to take on our remaining coal mines and Ferrybridge Power Station and guarantee to supply energy generated by the use of coal.

Being one who is more concerned with the economic plight of local communities rather than the polar bear, I, for one, would happily pay a premium if only to ensure that my lights didn’t go out.

I cracked open a bottle of fizz when it was announced that the Government was to stop subsidising inland wind farms – a glimmer of hope that we might get a sensible energy policy at last.

Greece flouts the club rules

From: Paul Emsley, Hellifeld.

WHY do Mrs Germany, Mr France and Miss IMF continue to lend money to the man who still drinks in the “Last Chance Saloon”, but always comes out with the raffle prize? Is it because they are members of the same golf club and Mr Sipras has a nice island holiday home?

The Greek governments have had more than enough time to re-organise their financial policies and internal economic controls to stabilise their membership of the European Union.

They would have done it by now, if they were truly committed to their membership of the single currency.

Why do the EU politicians continue to waste more money talking about “What if ...?”

The people of Spain, 
Portugal and Ireland must feel pretty angry about the continuing monetary concessions to Greece, when 
they have had to go through the same painful process themselves.

Why treat Greece any differently? If you can’t abide 
by the club rules, you have to leave.

I can’t believe that Greece’s membership of the euro is that important; particularly when the Greek people living in island communities seem to want to go back to their own currency anyway and to stop being excessively taxed by Athens, for them to waste on public service pensions.

The islanders would much rather have a trading union, than a political one.

Is the continuing reason to fund the Greek Government’s expense account, to prevent them from joining the Russian Golf Club? I say let the Russians have them. Who wants to play in the 2018 World Cup anyway?

New man at the wheel

From: Edward Grainger, Botany Way, Nunthorpe.

THANK goodness the BBC bosses have acted to appoint, in Chris Evans, a successor to Jeremy Clarkson to front Top Gear. It hasn’t come a moment too soon, as I was beginning to lose the 
will to live.

Confirmation that he is to be joined by a female co-host prompted me to suggest 
Clare Balding rather than Jodie Kidd, the bookies’ favourite, as she presents just about everything else.