June 5 Letters: Bureaucrats and market are stifling the NHS

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From: Nigel F Boddy, Fife Road, Darlington.

most people are alarmed by the growth in the number of administrators who draw salaries from the NHS.

The NHS Trust structure has been an expensive failure and we should all admit the internal market is too.

I attended a hustings meeting in Northallerton during the general election, where a retired nurse told over 200 people the salary grade of an NHS administrator depends upon how many people work under him or her.

Is it any wonder there are large numbers of administrators under-employed in the NHS with this incentive to hire more people?

If David Cameron wants to spend more money on patient care, he can start by cutting 
the number of administrators in the NHS. This is a national scandal.

Tony Blair’s and Gordon Brown’s attempts at reform had good intentions but were extremely naive and badly implemented. Their plans have been subverted.

We should all admit it, move on and cut out many thousands of administrators from the NHS payroll.

Then perhaps we could fund a replacement paediatrician and have a fully operational A&E in Northallerton.