Kamara chases suspected thief in Brazil

Chris Kamara
Chris Kamara
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Former Bradford City manager and Leeds United footballer Chris Kamara showed he has not lost his turn of pace as he chased down a suspected thief in Brazil.

Kamara, clearly still fleet-footed at 56 years old and who is in Brazil for the World Cup, caught the suspect, who is thought to have been arrested and marched off to a police station.

The former Swindon and Luton Town player, who covered both defence and midfield, spoke of his delight at his actions and tweeted: “Not lost me pace!!! I just caught this street robber. Done in now though.”

He also tweeted pictures of the man, having failed to escape the scene of the crime, sitting barefoot on the ground with a t-shirt over his head as the police arrive. He was also shown being handcuffed and also being taken to the police station.

Describing the suspect as “my prize catch”, Kamara also tweeted: “My good deed has backfired I have to go to the police station now to make a statement.

“Giving my statement now, ‘well I ran after him & caught him’.

“Have to go to the station to write it down!!!! I am on me holidays.

Kamara also tweeted: “Police & British Consulate in Brazil have politely told me off, a lot of these guys are armed! So don’t chase again.”

Kamara attached a link to the Foreign Office’s tips for football fans travelling to Brazil.

It warns: “Be ready to hand over valuables if you’re threatened; don’t attempt to resist attackers, they may be armed or under the influence of drugs.”

It also adds: “Be aware of pick-pockets and never leave your bag or belongings unattended while in public places or on public transport; thieves operate inside airports, restaurants and hotels as well as outdoors - they are good at spotting tourists and know they will have valuables.”

In his football career Kamara played for Portsmouth, Swindon Town, Brentford, Stoke City, Leeds United, Luton Town, Sheffield United, Middlesbrough, Sheffield United and Bradford City .

He also had two spells as a manager at Bradford City winning promotion via the 1996 play-off finals, and at Stoke City.

He is now a TV sports presenter.