Key suspects wanted over shooting of Sheffield men remain on run – four years later

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Four years ago today, a man was gunned down at a set of traffic lights in Sheffield in a deadly war between rival gangs.

While one man is behind bars for the ‘cold-blooded execution,’ four others remain on the run - leaving family and friends of 22-year-old murder victim Jordan Thomas fearful that justice may never be served.

Men wanted over the murder of Jordan Thomas.'Top L-R - Ahmed Warsame and Jamal Ali'Bottom L-R - Mohammed Ali and Saeed Hussain

Men wanted over the murder of Jordan Thomas.'Top L-R - Ahmed Warsame and Jamal Ali'Bottom L-R - Mohammed Ali and Saeed Hussain

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Jordan was an adored loved son, grandson, brother and friend, who was described by his family as ‘the centre of our world’ after his death. 

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The anniversary of the murder today marks another agonising year for his loved ones, knowing key suspects have been free to walk the streets since the night of the pre-planned attack which shattered their lives.  

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Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas

All that is known is that the men were last believed to have fled to Somalia and that South Yorkshire detectives are still working on the case.

Those on the run and circulated as ‘wanted’ by South Yorkshire Police are Mohammed Ali, Jamal Ali, Saeed Hussein and Ahmed Warsame.

Popular Jordan, a former pupil at King Ecgbert School in Dore, who is survived by three brothers and two sisters, was shot dead on Derek Dooley Way on December 21, 2014.

He was the front seat passenger in a Ford Mondeo which had stopped at traffic lights just before the Sheffield Parkway when a car pulled up behind and a gunman jumped out and opened fire.

Jordan Thomas when he was a child

Jordan Thomas when he was a child

The killer fired through the front passenger side window and hit Jordan at point blank range.

Three shots were fired, with Jordan hit twice in his chest. 

Jordan’s best friend, Neshaun Ferguson, who was driving the car and was also shot, survived the gun attack, which was described in court as a 'cold blooded execution'.

Detectives who investigated the shooting said it was a revenge crime in a feud between two rival gangs.

Jordan Thomas was shot dead

Jordan Thomas was shot dead

Jama Ahmed, now 29, was sentenced to life behind bars and ordered to serve a minimum of 36 years over the murder after being found guilty in 2015.

It could not be proved that Ahmed was the actual gunman, but he was convicted on the basis that he was part of a pre-planned plot to kill.

Drug dealer Ahmed, of Broomhall Place, Broomhall, was said to have opened fire at Jordan in revenge for the death of 23-year-old Mubarak Ali in 2011.

Jordan's cousin, James Knowles, formerly of Deer Park Road, Stannington, was jailed for 10 years for the manslaughter of Mubarak, who was stabbed to death on Mount Pleasant Road, Highfield, as part of a gang war.

Mubarak, from Headford Grove, Broomhall, had organised an ambush of Knowles in a barber's shop on Abbeydale Road, during which threats were made to kill and shoot him.

But Knowles ended up stabbing Mubarak to death after they left the shop instead.

Murder victim Jordan Thomas

Murder victim Jordan Thomas

Jailing Knowles in 2012, Mr Justice Openshaw warned that the murder could ‘further stoke feuding and rivalry’ between gangs in the city - and three years later Jordan was killed.

During Ahmed’s trial, Jordan’s murder was said to have been the result of rival drug dealing gangs whose members used guns and knives against each other.

One gang involved Somalian men from Broomhall and the other was made up of young men from Pitsmoor.

Detectives discovered that Jordan was among a group of people involved in a dispute with Ahmed and others in the days before the murder.

Two days earlier, CCTV footage captured Jordan and Ahmed, with others, involved in a confrontation near to a nightclub in Broomhall, during which shots were fired.

Jordan spent the next night in Birmingham and detectives discovered that members of Ahmed’s group had gone looking for him and made threats towards him.

Detective Chief Inspector Phil Etheridge, who led the inquiry, said at the time: "This was simply retribution for the death of a man three years before.

“Jordan was the cousin of the man convicted of the crime and those linked to the victim wanted revenge, pure and simple.

“Jordan was targeted by people with a score to settle.

"He did not deserve to be gunned down in the street - a young life was cut tragically short, leaving a community devastated and changing the lives of his family forever.

"Deaths involving firearms carry the harshest sentences and using a firearm to settle scores will absolutely not be tolerated in South Yorkshire.”

Detective Chief Inspector Victoria Short said: "Four years on since Mr Thomas' death, we remain keen to hear from anyone who knows where these four men are living.

"There is still no doubt in my mind that Jordan was killed as a result of a group of people working together.

"In 2015 one man, Jama Ahmed, was held to account for Jordan's death and jailed for 36 years - but we know that there are people out there who know more, about who was involved, and where the four men we need to speak to have been staying or are currently living.

"Mr Thomas' family are understandably still grieving. They too still have questions around Jordan's death and I'd ask that anyone who has information about the four men mentioned, to keep Jordan's family at the forefront of their minds.

"We believe Ali, Hussein, Warsame and Ali hold vital information about Mr Thomas' death. Our efforts to find them continue but we are also reliant on information from the public. If you have any information, please get in touch with either us or Crimestoppers anonymously.

"Jordan's family deserve answers and they deserve justice. We are determined to make that happen but we need your help in doing so."

Call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.

Jama Ahmed was jailed for 36 years for his role in the murder of Jordan Thomas

Jama Ahmed was jailed for 36 years for his role in the murder of Jordan Thomas