Killer tried to strangle gay inmate in prison

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A MAN serving a life sentence for murder tried to kill another inmate at Wakefield Jail after falling out with him.

Robert Livesey was jailed for life at Hull Crown Court in 2004 for the murder of his half brother John.

The court was told he struck him repeatedly with a hammer in a frenzied attack because he “had had enough” of his aggressive often drunken mood swings affecting their family.

He was ordered to serve a minimum of ten and a half years in prison and on April 10 this year was serving his life term at Wakefield Prison when he attacked Aaron Keenan and tried to strangle him after luring him to his cell.

Robert Galley prosecuting told Leeds Crown Court yesterday Keenan was the gay offenders representative for B wing and according to Livesey for a week or so was in a relationship with him but had then told him it would go no further.

Livesey later told police that Keenan had a reputation for messing people around, he was angry and decided to kill him and planned the attack most of the previous night making up an excuse to get him to his cell.

He then grabbed him around the neck and dragged him to the floor wrestling with him and trying to strangle him.

Mr Galley said Keenan fought back and was shouting for help. When he got free he had red marks around his throat.

Livesey, 29, admitted attempted murder. He was unrepresented in court and told the judge “I fully deserve what I get. The guy I tried to kill didn’t deserve it.”

He said he never expected to be released from jail.

Imposing a concurrent life sentence Mr Justice Openshaw told Livesey he must serve a minimum of seven and a half years for the recent offence which will run consecutive to the minimum ten and a half years on his murder term.

“These are to some extent theoretical because the defendant will not be released until the Parole Board decides he no longer poses a risk.”