King’s speech added to album recorded by Royal Marine band

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King George VI could scale the charts – as his famous war speech is included on a new album.

It has been set to music by the Band of HM Royal Marines who yesterday signed a major record deal.

George’s famous oration was the subject of Oscar-winning movie The King’s Speech, which became a box office hit this year.

The King overcame his stammer to get to grips with public speaking, eventually delivering a 1939 radio broadcast on Britain’s declaration of war on Germany.

The recording will be heard over the Marines playing Eternal Father (For Those in Peril on the Sea).

George VI was a serving naval officer, joining as a cadet in 1909 and reaching the rank of admiral in 1936, when he became king on his brother’s abdication.

The Marines signed their record deal yesterday on Nelson’s ship HMS Victory in Portsmouth, marking Trafalgar Day.

The album, Summon The Heroes, is to be released on November 14, and will also feature a choir of serving sailors from HMS Illustrious who have recorded Rod Stewart’s Sailing.

Principal director of music for the Royal Marines Lieutenant Colonel Nick Grace said: “The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines has a reputation of musical excellence and marching precision.”

A number of the musicians who feature on the album have served in Afghanistan.