Kitten found in charity shop bag

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A charity shop took in a donation of a different kind when staff discovered a kitten among other unwanted goods.

A volunteer at the PDSA shop in Whitby, discovered Baxter the black and white cat when she was sorting through the bags of items which had been donated to the charity – which, ironically, helps sick pets.

Staff think the kitten, thought to be about 12 weeks old, may have accidentally climbed into one of the bags, as it is friendly and looks like it has been well-looked after.

Collection bags were distributed in the area last Thursday and picked up on Tuesday.

Shop manager Patti Reed said: “If it has come to us by accident then I think there will be someone looking for it.”

Raw Animal Rescue will care for the kitten until the owner comes forward or it can be re-homed. PICTURE: ROSS PARRY AGENCY