Knaresborough BID plans continue to gather pace with cash boost

Support continues to gather pace to establish a Knaresborough BID, with organisers attempting to bring together businesses and promote the unique draw of the town.

Knaresborough BID has received financial backing from  town councillors
Knaresborough BID has received financial backing from town councillors

Knaresborough Town Council has approved putting £1,500 towards the town’s Business Improvement District (BID), which requires £5,000 for a feasibility study to direct where the BID could be implemented in Knaresborough.

BIDs provide opportunities for projects and initiatives to be carried out, with funding provided through a levy that businesses within a marked area pay.The financial backing from KTC is the latest in a series of developments for the project, having also secured the support of Mosaic Partnership (MP). MP worked as a consultants for Harrogate BID, who recently celebrated a successful yes vote. Harrogate Borough Council has also agreed to match fund the project, if organisers can evidence there is support from local businesses.

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Whilst learning from the development of Harrogate’s BID, Knaresborough is eyeing opportunities to connect the town’s businesses and tourist attractions, says Bill Taylor, Treasurer of the Knaresborough Chamber of Trade.

He said: “The key drive is to establish a long term marketing plan for the town, encompassing all of our visitor attractions, our independent and unique businesses, and connecting the various parts of the town.”

If approved an important part of the Knaresborough BID will be the opportunity for more cooperative efforts of businesses, ranging from those on High Street, Market Place, Waterside and further afield. The first steps of the study should be completed in early January, with further work carried out with a public consultation. The cost of the BID will be determined through the study. Funding has also been provided by local businesses alongside KTC’s support, which will be refunded.