Koo Stark in court on £40,000 oil painting theft charge

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THE Duke of York’s ex-girlfriend, Koo Stark, has appeared in court accused of stealing a painting worth £40,000 from a former partner.

The 56-year-old actress, photographer and artist, who dated Prince Andrew in the early 1980s, appeared at West London Magistrates’ Court yesterday under her real name of Kathleen Stark.

It is alleged she stole the painting from the flat of her former partner Warren Walker, the father of her daughter, Tatiana.

Stark, who lives near Sloane Square in central London, denied stealing the Anthonie van Borssom oil painting of a moonlit coastal landscape.

American-born Stark, then aged 26, dated the Duke of York after his return from the Falklands War in 1982. They went out together for 18 months before he went on to marry Sarah Ferguson in 1986.

In February last year, Stark was made bankrupt at the High Court over an unpaid hotel bill of £38,680.

The petition was brought by the Jumeirah hotel group over her stay at the five-star Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel in London’s Knightsbridge area in 2008.

Stark will next appear at West London Magistrates’ Court on November 16 before the case is sent to Crown Court.

In her acting career she was best known for her role in the film Emily in 1976 but was also in Star Wars in scenes which were deleted from the movie and appeared in the sitcom Red Dwarf.