Labour criticises Rotherham’s failed leadership

Eric Pickles
Eric Pickles
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LABOUR has turned its back on party members who failed in Rotherham

Shadow communities secretary Hilary Benn led the party attack on Labour-run Rotheham, saying the report made for “damning reading.”

He added: “It reveals very serious past and current failings. It is clear that fundamental change is needed and urgent action must now be taken. Given the terrible suffering of the victims at the hands of their abusers, nothing less will do.”

Wentworth and Dearne MP John Healey said “Labour accepts Louise Casey’s findings and the actions the Secretary of State now plans to take. Locally, we will all work with the commissioners to put right in full the flaws set out in this report and to put in place in full the recommendations of the Jay report to help victims and bring perpetrators to justice.”

Speaking in the House of Commons, he called for funding to be put in place to help the Troubled Families unit.

Communities Secretary Mr Pickles said he would look into the issue, and added he did not believe any political party was to blame for the Rotherham failings.

Mr Pickles said: “I do not regard this as political at all. I fully understand that we are in a charged political system, but this is about a failure of local government. I could point to lots of Conservative local government where this would never happen.

”I have to tell the House that I could point to lots of Labour local government where this would not happen. This is almost a complete parody of what local government should look like.”