Labour leader comes out fighting as party told to rally round General Election battle

Labour leader Ed Miliband
Labour leader Ed Miliband
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A DEFIANT Ed Miliband has said he will fight the General Election “street by street” as his shadow cabinet rallies to his side.

Long running speculation over Labour party dissatisfaction with the leader came to a head this week amid rumours two MPs had signed a letter calling on Mr Miliband to step down.

Last night Mr Miliband insisted Labour can win in May and will fight “street by street, house by house” to tell voters how “we are equal to the challenges.”

“I know we can beat all our opponents at the next election,” he added.

In a post on Facebook, Mr Miliband wrote: “I relish the fight for the future.

“And the difference here in Britain is that the Labour party is within months of an election we can win so that we can begin the business of changing our country for the better.

“Four and a half years into this parliament, I am proud to lead a party with this plan for Britain’s future.

“We have six months to go out and show the difference Labour’s plan will make. Together, that is what we will do.”

His comments came as key shadow cabinet members were forced to the airwaves to deny they were preparing for political life after Mr Miliband.

Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham and shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper denied they had worked out a deal for any future leadership bid.

Mr Burnham said there was “not a shred of truth” in the claims.

He added: “What I think it’s part of is a deliberate and desperate attempt to destabilise the Labour Party and to divide us. But I can say this: it won’t work. We are a united team, we are united behind Ed.”

A spokesman for Ms Cooper dismissed the suggestion as “lies ... complete and utter garbage” and insisted there was “no foundation whatsoever”.