Labour MP Rachel Reeves defended by Tory rival against Twitter trolls

Labour MP Rachel Reeves was defended by her Conservative rival after she was attacked on Twitter by an anti-Semitic Jeremy Corbyn supporter.

It came after reports Leeds West MP Ms Reeves had confronted Mr Corbyn at Labour’s first party meeting since their devastating election defeat, where Ms Reeves told Mr Corbyn he had been the problem and their manifesto had been “economically illiterate”.

But she was then attacked by the account for the Wirral contingency of Momentum - a wing of Labour closely aligned with the leader - which said: “I think there is a strong case that the ‘real problem’ is Rachel Reeves and politicians like Rachel Reeves who take the northern electorate for granted.”

Another account claiming to support Mr Corbyn, believed to be run by Labour member Grace Halfpenny, called her a “right wing shill for the Apartheid state of Israel” and said she was a “Labour traitor”.

Labour MP for Leeds West, Rachel Reeves. Photo: JPI Media

But Mark Dormer, who stood against Ms Reeves in the recent General Election, jumped to her defence and said: “I spent five weeks knocking on doors and was repeatedly told how much Rachel Reeves did for the area.

“Your views are inaccurate and ignorant and your abuse and vile anti-Semitism has no place in politics or society as a whole.”

Ms Reeves said his intervention meant “a lot”.

Website Politics Home reported Ms Reeves had written to General Secretary Jennie Formby to “make an official complaint about the online behaviour” of Ms Halfpenny.

She said her Twitter account "reads like a sewer of falsehoods and obsessive abuse, almost entirely aimed at fellow Labour Party members".

And she added: “This conduct is entirely inappropriate for a member of our Party and she should be disciplined accordingly.

“Ms Halfpenny’s barrage of abusive and false tweets include a number of blatantly anti-Semitic claims.”