Labour ‘would wreck economic recovery’

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David Cameron has kicked off a crucial political year with a stark warning about the consequences of electing a Labour government.

In an apparent reference to France, the Prime Minister said the performance of other countries proved that Ed Miliband’s approach would wreck the fledgling economic recovery.

He also highlighted the importance of the independence referendum being held in Scotland in September .

Writing in the Times, the Tory leader set out the battleground for the general election in 16 months.

He said 2014 would be the year when the government started to turn Britain into a “flagship post-Great Recession success story”.

Taking on Labour’s argument that economic growth is not feeding through to average workers’ living standards, Mr Cameron stressed that the recovery “must work for everyone”.

“For me, a Britain on the rise isn’t just a country that punches above its weight in the world; it’s a Britain where everyone who wants to work hard and get on can do so.”

Mr Cameron said the coalition would continue to increase the personal tax-free allowance this year, as well as keeping fuel duty down, capping welfare and controlling immigration.

He added: “If you doubt how disastrous a return to Labour-style economics would be, just look at countries currently following that approach. They face increasing unemployment, industrial stagnation and enterprise in free fall. The opposite of what’s happening here.”